1. Matson Fast Sea+ UPS/Fedex/Trucking Delivery

  Matson is an experienced US container liner company. It is mainly engaged in the businesses from Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai to the Long Beach port and the west coast of the United States.


1/From Xiamen/ Ningbo/ Shanghai to Long Beach/Los Angeles

2/ETC: Each Sat. ETD: each Wed.

3/ Transit time: About 11 natural days after sailing,

4/about 3 days finish the customs clearance and pick up the container

5/ UPS delivery: 1-5 working days

6/ With its own independent Wharf in the United States, the shipments by Matson can anchor directly after arriving at the port without waiting

7/ Unique container pick up service for off Port yard: Public ports need to be lined up for appointment, however Matson can lift the container in one or two days after arriving the port without waiting

8/ Efficient communication: Just contact the Matson family directly, no need to coordinate with others

2. ZIM   Fast Sea+UPS/Fedex/Trucking Delivery

  ZIM is optimizing the operation process of picking up and returning the goods at the port of loading and the port of destination, which can provide high-quality service for cross-border e-commerce sellers/buyers who have high requirements for transportation timeliness

Its shipping service is one of the fastest routes from South China to Los Angeles.


1/ETC: Each Mon, ETD: each Wed

2/ Shenzhen Yantian port to Port of Los Angeles

3/Transit time: about 12 days after sailing

4/ UPS delivery: 1-5 working days

5/ For South China clients, ZIM has more obvious advantages. The clients in South China can ship directly in Shenzhen without transferring the goods from Shenzhen to Shanghai or Ningbo.

Using ZIM not only greatly reduces the inland transportation cost but also saves the freight for the clients.

6/ Long history with reliable and safe service

7/ With Los Angeles WBCT terminal, all imported containers are equipped with ZIM’s special chassis to ensure professional, fast delivery service without making appointment and it can provide 24-hour green channel container delivery,

3. YANTIAN Normal Sea+UPS/Fedex/Trucking Delivery

  Compared with the other two express lines, Yantian has a relatively slow time, but its price is cheap, so it is suitable for goods that are not in a hurry and the seller /buyer who prefer the competitive price.

The port of destination by Yantian is a public wharf, which takes about 1 week to dock and unload the goods and it will happen port congestion in the peak season, It's slow to unload and pick up the containers.


1/ Shenzhen Yantian port to Los Angeles

2/ETC: Each Thursday. ETD: Each Monday

3/ Transit time: about 14-16 working days after sailing

4/UPS delivery: 1-5 working days

4. By Air++UPS/Fedex/Trucking Delivery

  For the first Journey by air from HongKong, China mainland and Korea+ UPS/Fedex Delivery

1、Departing from Korea:


1/Picking up within 6-8 working days and deliver in 2-5 days

2/goods with buil-in battery or magnetism is acceptable

3/Stable service

2、Departing from HongKong:

1/ Picking up within 3-5 working days and deliver in 2-5 days

2/ Direct flight to LA

3/ goods with buil-in battery or magnetism is acceptable

3、Departing from Guangzhou

1/ Picking up within 3-4 working days and deliver in 2-5 days

2/ Direct flight to LAX/ JFK

3/Goods with battery is not acceptable

4、Departing from other airports in China mainland with direct service

1/ Picking up within 4-6 working days and deliver in 2-5 days

2/Competitive price with direct service

3/ Goods with battery is not acceptable